Mining for the community
with the community

About GreenMiner

Mining & More

First token that relies on miners than volume!

GreenMiner is a token that is powered by GPU miners that are powered by solar/wind energy!

Miners are mining BNB by converting Ethash/Etcash/Kawpow rewards to BNB then to GEM and burns 100% of mined GEM tokens!

Majority of all other tokens on the BSC market rely on volume and marketing to keep the volume going so that they can keep paying for marketing with the taxes coming from the volume, and usually tokens depend on volume to survive.
But GreenMiner (GEM) is different! GreenMiner is dependent on GPU miners mining and buying back with the rewards mined and burning all of it! Guaranteeing a rising price floor!

We're not worried about the volume or marketcap we shall always rise!

So join us the earlier the better!

Our Miners


We have 3 GTX 1070 and 7 GTX 1080's and more ready to be assembled We have solar panels and windturbines that power them, currently getting more batteries before expansion.

We're using HiveOS as our operative system for our miners
We're also using T-rex miner and lolminer as backup miner program


10% Burn on buy/sell
and on all transactions

assuring a decent burn all the time, on top of it we have miners burning 100% of mined tokens!

Phase 1

• Private Sale
• Public Presale
• Up and Running Miners
• Giveaways
• Intense Marketing

Phase 2

• Organic Marketing
• Mining Rig Expansion
• Exchange Listings
• More Giveaways

Phase 3

• Buildning Warehouse
• Setting up a Mining Farm
• NFT Collection´s
• Passiv Income NFT´s

Phase 4

• To Be Continue...