We're going to Mine Crypto!

About GreenMine

Mining & More

First token that relies on miners than constant marketing!

GreenMine is a token that is powered by GPU miners that are powered by solar/wind energy!

Miners are mining ETH and buying and burning the token by converting the ETH into BNB automatically!

Majority of all other tokens on the BSC market rely on volume and marketing to keep the volume going so that they can keep paying for marketing with the taxes coming from the volume,
the issue is that incase it dumps and the team doesn't have some funds it's over.
But GreenMine is different! GreenMine is dependent on GPU miners mining,
so even if people dump we'll still mine towards the token which will make it impossible to kill!

We will always rise!

Our Miners


We have 4 GTX 1070 and 7 GTX 1080's, which should be around 12-16 USD a day, that shall get invested in our token.


We will expand our mining operation, we have already 2 rigs ready to mine and fully setup! We´re just relocating them to a bigger space where we can expand quite quickly! We will buy more and more miners in the soon in the future!

Phase 1

• Private Sale
• Public Presale
• Up and Running Miners
• Giveaways
• Intense Marketing

Phase 2

• Organic Marketing
• Mining Rig Expansion
• Exchange Listings • More Giveaways

Phase 3

• Buildning Warehouse
• Setting up a Mining Farm
• NFT Collection´s
• Passiv Income NFT´s

Phase 4

• To Be Continue...